About Us & What We Do


A Brief Summary of what we Do


The Company owns the freehold of the site of the working men’s club which is now run as a general social club in the centre of Epping.  The site of the Club was shared with the Citizens Advice Bureau, (CAB).  There is a constant need to provide accommodation at low rents particularly for those who do not fall within the normal criteria for the Housing Department of the Local Authority.


The Trust has spent many thousands of pounds bringing the existing housing stock up to modern high standards.  The Company recently, (2016), formerly opened the newly built CAB.  The CAB will be occupies the ground floor of this building the first floor comprises of 2 one bedroom apartments which will not be sold so that we can continue to provide reasonably priced rented accommodation meeting the ever changing social needs of the area.


The Company is a not for profit organisation devoted to the social needs of the community, the CAB, The Town Council, the District Council and the County Council and as such is one that should be enthusiastically supported by the Government.


Pictures below show the Hemnall Social Club