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THEYDON TRUSTS LIMITED is a Limited Company Registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act and a member of the National Federation of Housing Associations. 


It was originally given land and properties to provide reasonable rented accommodation for widows of good character in the Epping area.  We have 12 studio apartments each with their own small gardens and 9, one bedroom bungalows with reasonable sized gardens.  All the properties are let on rents which have been set by The Rent Officer.  The residents now are both male and female and the properties are occupied by people of a variety of ages ranging from those in their 30s with social or other needs, some widows and a number of single men who as a result of divorce are homeless and do not qualify for Local Authority housing, but who need accommodation so that they can remain in contact with their children.                                            






























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Theydon Trusts Ltd.

St. John's House

St. John's Road



CM16 5DN


Tel: 01992 577532




An example of some of the properties in our portfolio.



Welcome to Epping Theydon Trust Ltd.


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